Sunday, August 31, 2008

Laboring Weekend

So far, we have been hard at work! My parents came up again, as did Liz. As of Sunday evening, we've:
- finished the fence
- cleaned up the yard (again) and picked more fruit
- painted the first coat in the front bedroom and the back bedroom
- taped a line in order to paint our coved ceiling
- cut back some plants (thanks Erin and Mark for the chainsaw!)
- cleaned the absolutely disgusting kitchen and bathroom (thanks Mom!)
- laid down tile in the new laundry area (thanks Dad!)

Liz painting the fence:

The latch I screwed in:

Left side of the fence:

Right side of the fence:

The reason for the fence:

My first avocado!

The paint color in the front room. It is called Lotus Flower by Olympic and is actually very pretty:

Testing out colors for the ceiling in our master (the middle bedroom):

The new color in the back bedroom (the once wood paneled room). It is called Pale Sunshine by Laura Ashley for Valspar:

Dad laying tile:

And with the grout:

The clean bathroom! I wish I had a before and after:

The clean kitchen:

The fixed floor!

Remember how it used to look?

The floors make such a big difference! We can really see ourselves living there now! Too bad the room still looks a bit purple.

Tomorrow, we are meeting with a painter for our exterior. We will also finish painting the bedrooms. Don't forget to go to Lowes before Labor Day weekend ends! Thank goodness for a long weekend...or else I would be stressing!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goodbye Laundromat

The HoodLims are ghetto fabulous. For the past year, we have been going to the laundromat in our local run down suburban shopping center to do our laundry. We originally started by both washing AND drying at the laundromat. Then, around last Thanksgiving, a friend gave us her old washer and dryer set. Only, the washing machine was broken (which she told us about), and we never were able to get it going again. As a result, we did our washing at the laundromat, but took our wet clothes home to dry. Yes, ghetto fabulous.

Today we bought this Whirlpool Steam Washer and Dryer set from Lowes!

Here they are (we bought ours in white for much less):

We purchased it for less than the online price (the in-store price was at least $100 cheaper), PLUS 10% off for their Labor Day sale, PLUS 10% off for our change of address coupon! AND we got free delivery, and on our receipt we got something like $50 off of a purchase of $100. I am not sure on the exact price, but considering we are dropping about $200 a week at Lowes, I don't think that will be too hard to do.

If you need an appliance, this is a great week to do it at Lowes! They are even offering free installation prices!

I am looking forward to being able to my laundry without having to load up the car with two overflowing baskets, one giant tub of detergent, and a huge bottle of bleach!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day 21

First off, our bedroom color. We didn't paint the entire room because the drywall people were still working on the plaster around the door. This color is called "First Light" and I believe it is either an Eddie Bauer for Valspar or Laura Ashley for Valspar (a purchased at Lowes). It really brightens up the room, which was kind of dark before.

The original room and the closet:


Today, our hardwood floor guy, Steve Jordan, got in and did his first coat of polyurethane. It really brought out the great colors in the wood!

Here are some pictures...we can't actually go in and walk on it, so we had to take the pictures from afar.

Monday, August 25, 2008

The End of Weekend 3 and the Beginning of Week 4

Darnit! I just realized that we didn't take a picture of our bedroom. I guess it will have to wait until tomorrow. Anyway, I have pictures of our living room after the paint dried. I also repainted the fireplace white to make the walls look less purple and more of a bluish silver gray (still not right but workable).

The newly white fireplace. You can see the difference in color if you compare it to the window trim.

Our drywall is finally taped. Mark Loyal's people need to now stay out of the house because our floor guy, Steve Jordan from Jordan Hardwood Floors is coming tomorrow to start sanding!


Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Painting Disaster

Last weekend we picked out some paint colors. One was called "Foreshadow" by Olympic Paints, and the other was "Gray Mare". We started painting last night (see post below) and it looked fine. This morning Andrew and I headed over to the house separately (so we could leave separately or run errands separately) and when I arrived he had already gone to pick up some bagels.

Imagine my surprise as I walked into a PURPLE room! And not like a cute purple, but the purple gray of diseased flesh. Yum. It was so disgusting, that I immediately ran to the restroom and vomited. Yes, the paint color made me vomit. Not exactly a good reaction to your new living room.

You can't tell, but this was it:

To prevent me from vomiting again, we quickly hurried to Lowes and picked up a couple of new colors. I am not in love with them, but Andrew is, so I compromised to make up for the purple puke.

Silver Spoon (by Olympic - which, BTW, is not the best paint). We also painted the dining room a darker gray (name is escaping me right now). We are only painting the top half of the dining room and we will paint the bottom half white.

The dining room by itself (Uncle Art and Auntie Annie stopped by a little to help paint...the smudge on the bottom half was Uncle Art getting too excited) :

Andrew almost had a vomit moment himself when he saw me testing out these two colors in the front guest room:

I also tested out a couple of yellow colors for our master bedroom. If you remember, I wanted to do yellow, black, and white.

Any votes on which yellow?

It's Andrew's birthday today, and we are heading out to sushi! With a coupon of course. :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Beginning of Weekend 3

The drywall is up! Mark Loyal and his people FINALLY put the insulation in the walls and starting putting the drywall up in the back addition room. You can also now see the division in the walls between the tiny half bathroom and the new laundry room!

This was the original room (wood paneled and all)

This is the room now:

The old bathroom was nearly the entire length of the wall, except for a little closet:

Now - The laundry nook to the right and the wall of the new half bath to the left:

The new half bath:

We also got started with painting the living room. The color is called Foreshadow. It is from the Olympic Paint Line from Lowes. We are doing the second coat tomorrow. The color doesn't show very well in the picture.

Here is Andrew painting:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Goodbye Ocean...

Carpet that is. Imagine our surprise when we walked into the house and all the carpets were ripped up and the first round of sanding begun! Remember this?

The carpet of sand, shallow waters, and the deep blue sea:

The same hallway without the carpet!

Steve Jordan pulled up the termite eaten slats:

The front bedroom (before and after):

Good Riddance!