Sunday, December 21, 2008

Picture Moulding in the Dining Room

All finished!

Baseboards and Bedrooms

All of the baseboards in the house are up. We got the Victorian style from Lowes with a quarter round shoe on the bottom.

We also received our furniture from

We did a blue and brown theme in the guest bedroom to reflect the ocean. It is very calming.

Cousin Luis' painting, which was our wedding gift.

Bathroom - Done and Done!

The tiny bathroom is finally finished! Here are the pictures of it:

The toilet is a Toto and the sink is a Kohler Memoirs.

The glass cabinet is the Cartwright from Restoration Hardware and I believe we got the medicine cabinet from Lowe's.

Pretty close to our inspiration pic, no?


It has rained a couple of times in this last month. In preparation for it, we bought Harley a Petmate Indigo Dog Home from Petco. She actually goes inside of it and it doesn't leak like the wooden dog houses. It is nice and roomy, with a hallway that leads into the circular igloo. To top it off, I got an XL for the Large price!

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Our New Addition

The day after Thanksgiving, we splurged and got what I have always wanted...a Roomba! We named him Ralphie and he is a very good boy. For more information, check out the iRobot website. We have had him for almost a month and he does a great job in not only vaccuuming up larger dust particles, but he also gets all the fine particles that regular vaccuums can't seem to pick up. He is very thorough and no matter how many times we run him, he always picks up more and more. My advice though is to trap him into a couple of rooms at a time so that he can do a good job.

Here he is, on his dock (the bed that he sleeps in and recharges in).

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We need to get our house painted. We have now interviewed 4 different companies, and the prices varied as much as $5000 apart! Crazy. We need to get on it and also replace some of the glass before they power wash. Ok, done and done.

Cabbages and Thyme

We put flowers in under our fence and on the side of the house. A day later, Harley dug some of it out!

The ornamental cabbages on the side of the house (Lowe's for only $3 each!)

The fence:

Little stepping stones with ornamental thyme to fill in the spots:

Mouldy Wouldy

Andrew has been working on putting the moulding in the house. It is looking beautiful!

So far, the front bedroom is done. This is a picture during the process. You will have to wait for better pictures later!

The 1/2 bathroom. Hard to see but it has a chair rail, then crown and base:

The dining room:


We have been worm composting, which is supposedly pretty darn easy to do. Of course, that means that I find it quite high maintenance. I am hoping my worms are still alive! For those who don't know what worm composting is, it is basically a way to use worms and your old veggies scraps to make compost fertilizer for your garden. You can find out more about how to make a worm composting bin by clicking here Cheap and Easy Worm Bin.

Here is a picture.

I overpaid for my worms from Petsmart because the thought of sending away for a box of 1000 worms to come via mail just creeped me out. I think I am having a hard time keeping this worm compost going because worms scare me!

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Bed - Completed

Our bed is gorgeous, but has always lacked the complete look. We needed pillows, but it has been difficult finding the right pillows. Well today, I took the time to go to Ventura Target #1. I found a beautiful black pillow, but unfortunately, only 1. So I didn't buy it. Then I went to Ventura Target #2, and found the same black pillow...only 1. So I had to go back and forth to get both. I also found a pair of reversible striped pillow that I liked. Only problem is that one of them was labeled as $3.87 and the other has $7.49. Luckily for me, the girl at the register let me have it for the lower price. Here is the result...I still think I am missing one for the middle...maybe a roll.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


It's been awhile since the last update. We are still working on the house, but we are also focusing on just living in it. Here is where we are so far:


Andrew has put one layer of stucco on the back where the hole was. He has also been cleaning it out and organizing boxes and our garage belongings.

If you remember, it was a big hole that was boarded up.

Here is a picture of the somewhat organized garage:

We are also working on laying down the tile for the half bath. If you remember, here is our inspiration bathroom.

Here is what the bathroom looked like originally:

Putting in some blue paint. The color is called Cincinattian Hotel by Valspar.

Laying down the tile:

The finished result:

Close-up of the tile. It is 2 strips of 1 inch white square tile, 1 strip of 1 inch blue square glass tile, 1 more strip of 1 inch white square tile, and then the 1 inch white hexagonal tile.

We will need to put down the moulding and the beadboard, which are currently in the car. We also need to grout.

Living Room

Just trying to keep the living room in a livable condition. Here it is, all cleaned up:

And to end this post, I will leave you with a picture of 2 friends:

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dshwashers and Dogs

Everything is going well so far. We installed the countertop and dishwasher, then had a little dinner party!

Here is what is looked like before...what you can't see is the nasty cracked tiles on the counter:

Here it is now, with the dishwasher in place of that big hole (we have patched up some of the drywall in the kitchen but we need to paint it:

Andrew had to cut out some of the cabinet to push the sink will be covered up at some point...or so he says.

He has also been busy inserting a dog door into our back room door:

Unfortunately, the door door isn't completely finished.

And here is the user of the dog door:

Pooped after a long walk

With her new friend

That's all for now!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Cleaning Up

We are starting to get things put away...sort of. We are slowly trying to pick up the stuff that was sitting around in the living room and putting pictures on the wall. Here are some pictures of the living room:

A little bit of a snapshot of the place:

We finally found a place to put our wedding centerpieces:

The very functional table that doesn't match the rest of the living room:

The too big wall with one picture on it...we plan on just putting all of our pictures there in black frames:

The tight dining room...large table + wine buffet = not much space:

We had some issues with our dishwasher. It didn't fit well underneath the existing cracked tile counter, so we bought an inexpensive laminate one to tide us over for the time being. It is a few inches deeper, so we can place our new dishwasher underneath. Andrew has been hard at work demolishing the tile and cutting out a space for the sink in the new countertop.

What was under the tile was DISGUSTING!

Close-up of the nastiness:

The new countertop (upside down) on the sawhorses:

The new countertop:

While Andrew was working on that, I was busy with something else...our bed! It arrived yesterday and I picked up the India Ink Duvet Set from Anthropologie. It is a great quality duvet and feels so nice! I should also mention that to match, we picked up a Thomasville Renovation chest from Target. It is the Terrace style:

Our bed in our room (if you notice, our curtain rod has balls on it too, to match the bed and chest!) :

And, of course, the newest (and oldest) addition to our family:


I will post the finished kitchen later.