Tuesday, November 11, 2008


We need to get our house painted. We have now interviewed 4 different companies, and the prices varied as much as $5000 apart! Crazy. We need to get on it and also replace some of the glass before they power wash. Ok, done and done.

Cabbages and Thyme

We put flowers in under our fence and on the side of the house. A day later, Harley dug some of it out!

The ornamental cabbages on the side of the house (Lowe's for only $3 each!)

The fence:

Little stepping stones with ornamental thyme to fill in the spots:

Mouldy Wouldy

Andrew has been working on putting the moulding in the house. It is looking beautiful!

So far, the front bedroom is done. This is a picture during the process. You will have to wait for better pictures later!

The 1/2 bathroom. Hard to see but it has a chair rail, then crown and base:

The dining room:


We have been worm composting, which is supposedly pretty darn easy to do. Of course, that means that I find it quite high maintenance. I am hoping my worms are still alive! For those who don't know what worm composting is, it is basically a way to use worms and your old veggies scraps to make compost fertilizer for your garden. You can find out more about how to make a worm composting bin by clicking here Cheap and Easy Worm Bin.

Here is a picture.

I overpaid for my worms from Petsmart because the thought of sending away for a box of 1000 worms to come via mail just creeped me out. I think I am having a hard time keeping this worm compost going because worms scare me!