Monday, August 30, 2010

We Love Arches

One of the prerequisites we had for a home was that it had to have arches. We love arches, and they do such a nice job of separating two spaces without using a door. Plus, they are soft, curvy, and pretty. We already had two arches in our house, one separating the entrance from the living room, and another separating the living room from the dining room. Now we wanted one to signal a separation between the dining room and the kitchen, while still keeping it open. On a practical note, we really needed the arch just to keep the ceiling up and supported.

I need to mention that all of the work has been done by Denis M. Hughes of DMH Construction. We are so pleased with Denis' work. He and his helper Eric are on the site every day, working hard, cleaning up after themselves, being completely courteous, and overall fantastic. I would highly recommend them any day. Denis created this arch for us:

Different angle:

With drywall:

Denis in the foreground, Eric in the back:

The new arch and the original arch:

Denis in the dining room:

The kitchen (view from living room):

More to come.

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