Monday, August 30, 2010


When we first moved into this house we needed a major floor refinishing. We also had a LOT of problems with termite damage and urine damage to our floors. We hired Steve Jordan of Jordan Hardwood Floors to come and splice in new floors (this is where they pull out the damaged boards and put new ones in its place) and to refinish our 70 year old floors. He did such a great job, we hired him again for our kitchen hardwood floors.

Again, he had to splice in some new floors to add on to our existing hardwood floors. These new boards in the dining room are where we used to have that ugly indoor patio.

Old patio area:

Kitchen and dining area:

A different angle:

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Courtney Craig said...

Oh my Gosh, Kristy! It's going to look so incredible. I love the arches & the kitchen is just so open now! You guys made a great investment in buying that house. Way to go, girl!