Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gardening Fun

Back in the winter, we decided to start growing some vegetables from seed.

You may recall this:

Then we put them into our garden bed outside. We used a method called "Square Foot Gardening", which divides your plots into 1 square foot areas (as opposed to rows). You can read about more about Square Foot Gardening here

Here is the garden in the beginning stages:

After 3 careful months of growing, we had our first crop!

We harvested some Swiss chard and spinach for dinner the other night, along with lettuce for a salad, hence some bald spots.

Andrew is digging a trench for irrigation:


Carrots with chives in the background...I think it is time to harvest!


And a beautiful and healthy tomato plant growing in my compost bin! I can't wait to find out what kind it is:

In addition to all that, our avocado tree (which we thought was barren this season) rained down some manna on us:

Now it is time to plant tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and summer goodness. BTW, check out your local farmers market for some inexpensive veggie pots. We got a ton of tomatoes and squash for $1 each yesterday!


Courtney Craig said...

Can you buy ME some tomato plants for $1??? Mine were at least $7 at the stupid Home Depot last weekend! Grr...and I want some of your avocadoes! You and Andrew need to come over here for dinner. When are you free? Any upcoming Saturday?

Jonathan said...

Growing your own food is kind of Oregon-Trail-like. No it isn't. I just wanted to say that.